with Mary Kaye Chryssicas

Mary Kaye's 3 books (I Love YogaBreathe and Yoga for Teens) were successful titles for DK Publishing and won the honorable Parent's Choice award and prestigious Young Adult Library Award for Reluctant Readers.

Yoga for Teens Card Deck

Amazon Editor's Favorite Books of the Year 2014! Based on the cool, inspiring book and DVDBreathe: Yoga for Teens, Yoga for Teens Card Deck brings yoga to a whole new level. Each pose in the deck features a full-color photograph with step-by-step instructions, a form checklist, and insightful notes on the breath, focal points, and more. Each pose card is designed to be clear and self-contained, so yogis can line them on their bedroom floor to create a sequence, prop one up on the included stand, or tuck a few favorites into a backpack to practice on the go. The back of each card includes information to help make even more of each pose, from recommended counterposes to meditation prompts to tips for transitioning smoothly to other poses. Mary Kaye Chryssicas's entertaining and inspiring text will inspire yogis to try new poses in their practice, and to keep a sense of peace and focus even during the most difficult and distracting teen challenges. More great teen messages! A perfect gift for any occasion. Available on

Breathe: Yoga for Teens

Breathe: Yoga for Teens is Mary Kaye's second book. Breathe is a hip and inspirational soul-searching guide to yoga for teens. From basic breathing techniques to advanced poses, both novices and experienced yogis will find helpful tips for their practice.

The narrative tone, first-person from the author, is an easy mix of respect, compassion and humor. Filled with Mary Kaye's embarrassing teen moments (and there are many), she remains sensitive to issues such as eating disorders, low self-esteem, body image and peer pressure. Teens will find their confidence and power of their own minds and bodies. Breathe comes packaged with a DVD to practice a class with Mary Kaye!

I Love Yoga

Mary Kaye's first book, I Love Yoga, is an informative children's book on what a yoga class is all about as the children go from breathing exercises and gentle stretches to backbends and tricky balances. Children learn to be stronger, more flexible and more peaceful too. Beautiful photography by Angela Coppola complements the fun loving text.